About Me

Sacheta Lal - OneEyeStyle

So you want to know who I am. Thanks for asking but I change hour to hour, day-to-day. I am the nymph who dances amongst the clouds, swims the oceans beneath the blue sky, tangos with the stars and spins a cookie-cutter.

I see the world in mono which means that I have only one working eye.

I am a digital content creator, YouTuber and Instagram influencer – Healthy Lifestyle, Skin Care. Fashion, Food & Travel are my primary interests.
I also, work as a Freelance Content Writer – Social media, blogs, etc.

I love food: not only eating but making it too.
I love to create comfortable fashion because it gives me contentment.
Travel is like oxygen for me. It also allows me, to further explore food in fashion.

Welcome once again, and stick around and follow my posts. Most importantly, do not hesitate to reach out and engage.