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Review – The Moms Co – Natural Foot Cream

After the pandemic started, I was unable to take care of my feet due to my busy schedule – home chores, work, and lots more. The salons were shut and later also I was avoiding visiting them, so no pedicures.
I discovered this Natural Foot Cream from The Moms Co. and decided to try it.
I really liked the product because it not only healed my ankles but also it relax my feet because it has peppermint oil.
It gave complete miniaturisation and nourishment. My feet felt more hydrated and my damaged skin was fixed.

It has wonderful ingredients like

  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Extra virgin olive oi
  • Argan
  • Sweet almond
  • Natural Vitamin E
Did you know that, research suggests that Vitamin E supplementation prevents yellow nail syndrome which leads to cracked and yellowing nails.
Using vitamin E oils provides motorisation and prevents the cracking of nails, cuticles and dry skin around the nail bed.
We are under the similar situation as last year and this time it is more important to take care of our health and skin. I am continuing using this cream and will highly recommend it to all you beautiful ladies.
“Beautiful feet always give you confidence because you’re rooted firmly to the ground”.
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