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Review – Mothersparsh Ayurveda Hair Care Range

In this busy and stressful life we all face lots of hair problems. Keeping this in mind Mothersparsh launched their new Ayurveda Hair Care range.

It”s been a month since I am giving my hair Ayurveda Care. I received these products in PR and really love using them, hence I thought of sharing my experience with all of you.

Some common hair problems most of us face; 

  • Dull hair
  • Dry scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Hair fall / breakage
  • Split ends
  • Frizzy hair
  • Grey hair

This hair care range provides remedies for all the above mentioned problems. This range comprises of;

Ayurveda Hair Treatment Kit

Deshmool Hair Lep ; 

Mothersparsh Deshmool Hair Lep

This is my favourite product. One because of it’s ingredients and second the kind of effect it gives to my hair. Due to the weather change in Delhi, I was facing the problems of dry scalp and frizzy hair. This product has really helped me in getting back my shiny and soft hair. It has also reduced my hair fall.

Key Points;
  • Along with Deshmool this has methi, shikhakai, triphala, mulethi, curry leaf, brahmi, etc. The blend these ingredients helps you in getting a healthy scalp and recovering from various everyday hair related issues.
  • It is recommended for coloured and treated hair
  • It is infused with a concoction of 10 botanical herbs.
  • It is a nutrition / food for hair, which recover the damaged hair.

30 Herbs Hair  Oil 

Chumpi (hair massage), is something which most of us follow as a ritual. And I love hair massages.

I always do a blend of various hair oils like coconut, olive, bhringraj, almond, castor and many more. But this one hair oil has 30 nature’s luxurious herbs and oils. I loved the fragrance and the texture of the oil. It is neither very thick nor runny.

Key Points; 
  • Few key ingredients – brahmi, bhringraj, jatamansi, amla, japapushpa, curry leaves, reetha, nagarmotha, nili, neem, methi, shikhakai mukethi, alsi, henna, haldi, harad, kali mirch, gulab, tulsi, saunth, tagar, aloe vera, camphor oil, castor oil, olive oil, almond oil, ylan ylan oil, sarson oil, til oil. sunflower oil, rice bran oil, geraniom oil, coconut oil virgin, rosemary oil, groundnut oil. 
  • A blend of Ayurveda hair remedy gives a healthy scalp and increases the hair volume.
  • This oil gives a tight proportion of hydration and motorisation to hair for a stronger hair growth
  • The concoction provides complete nutrition to hair and helps in dealing with daily hair problems like hair fall, split ends , hair breakage, etc.

Jabapushp Hair Cleanser 

Mothersparsh Jabapushp Hair Cleanser

The best part about this hair cleanser is that it removes all the excessive oil, dirt particles without drying the hair. It gives me soft and stronger hair.

Key Points; 
  • Along with jabapushp, it has coconut oil, walnut oil, garenium oil, palma, rice oil, clary sage oil, jatamansi, bhringraj, amla, reetha, neem, shikhakai, meethi, etc. 
  • The blend of different Ayurveda oils regenerates hair while working on enhancing hair density and  its natural elasticity.
  • It stimulates scalp health by working on hair damage caused by internal and external stresses
  • It gives soft and silky hair

Jabapushp Hair Conditioner 

Mothersparsh Jabapushp Hair Conditioner

As I mentioned about my dry scalp, this conditioner worked as a remedial blend for my dull, dehydrated and limp tresses.

  • Some key ingredients – Jabapushp, bhringraj, shikhakai, brahmi, drakhsa, etc. 
  • It is infused with some essential minerals and vitamins
  • It gives treatment to damaged and dill hair
  • An Ayurveda composition that helps in restoring hair health, also provides moisturiser to the hair.

It’s time to do some intense hair treatment. You can buy these products directly from Mothersparsh website .






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